Friday, January 20, 2006

One for the boys who like boys that like boys, or The Hard Gay Chronicles Part 1

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Will & Grace, Queer as Folk, the U.S has seen its fair share of gay themed entertainment, but they've never really gotten Hard. Hard Gay that is.

But who is this pelvic thrusting sensation? Masaki Sumitani, a comic who hit it big playing a hard line gay activist and helper of the people named Razor Ramon Hard Gay (or HG for short) on TBS's Saturday night comedy program Daibakuten. The shtick has Sumitani hitting the streets in leather bondage gear performing acts of yonaoshi (social improvement) while thrusting his hips and yelling “Whoo!” at fleeing bystanders.

For the part Sumitani bought his clothes at the gay fashion shop “VFTQ”, and did research in Doyama-cho, a popular spot for homosexuals in Osaka(although a friend recently told me all that you’ll find there are pasty old Brits wandering the streets like Homo-Frankensteins).

As a result of his appearances on Daibakuten he’s seen toys featuring his likeness, books containing his popular phrases, a pro-wrestling gig, and his first single.

Yeah, a single. A cover of Saijo Hideki's "Young Man"(which is a cover of the Village People’s "YMCA"). You can take that in here:

I personally like the DJ pumping up with the turntable.

Ok, I think we've gone too far for now. This much Hard Gay activity can't be healthy for the mind. But there is still much to cover, toys, his history, pro-wrestling, and why the Japanese latched onto his act in the first place. All this and more to cum in the Hard Gay Chronicles: Part 2.

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