Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Riki screams for ice cream, Daicon does SunVulcan, and Hard Gay says Yahooooo!

V-Cinema gangstar Riki Takeuchi freaks out before succumbing to ecstasy over Umachoco ice cream bars. You can view the shocking proof here:

Don't forget to download a desktop while you're at it:

Now I want to get bi-polar over tasty frozen treats.

Up next we have the Daicon Films production of Patriotic Task Force Dai-Nippon (Aikoku Sentai Dai-Nippon), a parody of super sentai shows. Namely SunVulcan, which the opening song takes its tune from. Besides the legendary series of animation shorts, the future Gainax team also made a series of tokusatsu fan films in the early eighties. These were: Kaiketsu Notenki, a Zubat parody starring former Gainax head Yasuhiro Takeda. The Return of Ultraman, which is an Ultraman fan flick directed by and starring Hideaki Anno as Ultraman minus the mask. Last, but not least, is their biggest production, Yamata no Orochi no Gyakushu, which featured SFX by future Gamera FX genius Shinji Higuchi.

You can watch Patriotic Task Force Dai-Nippon in all it's grainy glory here:

Now to top it all off is more from everybody's favorite pelvic pulsator Razor Ramon HG (pictured above with fellow pelvis thruster Naoya Ogawa). This time HG goes to Yahoo Japan's offices looking to be their latest spokesman. Hilarity ensues.

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