Tuesday, January 31, 2006

True Confessions of a V-Man: All Outlaws Attack!

Sex, Drugs, and Pachinko!

A multi-volume shocking true document!

The final testament of a V-Man!

A life of moldy VHS tapes, scowling faces, and confused video store staffers revealed. No honor, no humanity, just ones man's trek through the V-Cinema ghetto and beyond. Riki and Sho are here, Bunta comes to slum, Hiroki Matsukata is the big boss, and underlord George Kennedy watches from the dark corners of V-America. Neo-Chinpiras, Blue Tigers, Be-Bop Highschools, Jingi(part 37), and one severe case of the Rokudenashi Blues wait in the distance. Will you decide to follow, or will you decide to live.

This is no hope, this is no love, this is V-Cinema.

Coming Soon!

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