Wednesday, February 08, 2006

True Confessions of a V-Man: Call me Gigolo. Gigolo Cop.

Gigolo Cop: Roppongi and Asakusa Beautiful Boy Club (Jigoro koppu: Roppongi Asakusa Bishounen Kurabu)

Director - Takemitsu Sato
Company - Japan Home Video
Year - 1991

Gaijin crime is infesting Japan. Foreign criminals are using amnesty to slip through the system unscathed. In response, the Japanese government sets up a task-force known as the "Kaishakunin"-- a throwback to Japan's feudal law-enforcement. They are Executioners operating above the law, and above human morality. The leader of this new kill squad is Shimamura, played by former "King of Eros" and "Furyo Bancho" Tatsuo Umemiya.

He decides that before they can begin they have to get into the criminal world. So, to get hot-wired into the underground, Shimamura becomes a gigolo. A gigolo cop with a license to kill, and a team at his disposal. After being taught the finer points of being a "beautiful young man" by an old queen, they open up the Bishounen Club. Shimamura plays the role of their gay gigolo, prepping for his night's work by applying blush and eye-liner.

Soon they are contacted to investigate the bodies of young girls popping up around Tokyo, all which were ruled "accidents" by the police. But they, and a burly cop named Oninhara (Rikiya), know better. As they should. The sleazy Sanei Corporation is auctioning off human "sex dolls" to high-power foreign governments in exchange for weapons, land, and top secret info. These perverted politicians are given carte blanche with their prizes, going as far as killing them to satisfy their urges.

Once Shimamura catches on, Sanei begins to hunt down members of the vigilante crew, littering the streets with corpses. A Full-Metal-Umemiya then summons the troops and loads up his bazooka for a war between gigolo and sex slave ring. This all leads to a warehouse set, grenade launching, samurai sword slinging finale, with machine-gun toting babes, geysers of gore, and knife-throwing mayhem dominating the movie's closing minutes. Do the gigolos prevail? Is the "sex doll" ring taken down? Well, let's just say it all ends in blood and tears, and we wouldn't want it any other way.

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