Tuesday, February 07, 2006

True Confessions of a V-Man: Riki Takeuchi, Pachinko Ball Wizard

Pachinko Game Drifter (Pachinko Mujyuku/パチンコ無宿 )
Riki plays pachinko, the end.

This 1995 V-cinema classic has Riki riding around with plushies in a big-rig ala Truck Yaro, and, like the title implies, playing pachinko. Lots of it. It’s opens up with RIki busting some heads and hamming it up following a pachinko game gone bad. After some spastic facial expressions, he teams up with a pachinko parlor owner with a penchant for purple tights (played by frequent Pinky Violence comic relief Akira Ohizumi), and does with he does best. And what he does best is sit in front of some silver balls for long periods of screen time while mugging for the camera.

In between the pachinko playin' he even finds a little time for romance. Well, if you, like me, consider leering and groping romance. In one extra steamy scene Riki even flashes his bare ass for the camera (sadly, a mosaic keeps us from fully taking in his balls and taint). Also, there's some tits. Small ones, but it's the thought that counts.

So get ready for lots of guys sitting around smoking and playing pachinko with the intensity of a prize-fight. Plenty of amazing (read: shitty) video effects (my favorite being Riki's head turning into a pachinko ball). Not to mention political intrigue, drag queens, and Riki with his khaki's tucked into a pair of black high-tops. Just because Riki forgot he starred in this one, doesn’t mean you should forget to watch it. Plus, you know you wanna see his ass.

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