Saturday, February 04, 2006

True Confessions of a V-Man: Sho gets in a Dog Fight

Dog Fight

V-cinema action from Junk and Score director Atsushi Muroga.

A dozen screens are blasting some raunchy AV movie. It's a porno shop, lit a sickly green by flourescent lights. Porn and cash are exchanging hands when the cops bust in. The owner runs out into the rain-drenched alley howling like a wolf. Once they catch him, the titles burst onto the screen off a shot of his snarling face. The credits roll to a rip-off of The Terminator score, all while Sho Aikawa smokes in slo-mo.

Our sex shop owner strikes a deal with a horny, rapist cop, played by rat-faced Shingo Tsurami, to infiltrate Sho's gang. He gains their trust after a montage set to bad hip-hop, which concludes with Sho karate chopping a water bottle, and gets in on a deal with Hong Kong coke pushers.

Meanwhile, an iron pumping, raw-egg-smoothie drinking Shun Sugata is pulling the strings, and getting a big rip-off in effect. When Sho pisses him off, the cop rapes the porn shop owner's junkie girlfriend, and all hell breaks loose. Sho and company get dressed up like it's Resevoir Dogs, and a dread-locked, one-eyed Rastafarian gun smuggler (Hitoshi Ozawa) supplies the hard-ware. Two-fisted gunplay and over-the-top displays of brotherhood follow, all making it feel like 1991 again.

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