Monday, May 21, 2007

Arrivederci, cocksucker

Bruno Mattei died after falling into a coma last week. Unlike others, I'm not going to pretend the guy was a great filmmaker just because he kicked barf bag. In fact, he was terrible, and directed a load of unwatchable crap, which I, being a watcher of unwatchable crap, of course watched. He was a member of the old guard of Italian-exploiters, so it's sad to see him go.

Here's his latest, though probably not his last, work Zombies: The Beginning. Which, other than being shot on digital, looks like a movie I would have rented from Thomas Video as a kid in Michigan.

When you're done with that, take a stroll down shitty film memory lane:

Rats: Night of Terror

Strike Commando


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Joseph Luster said...

He was a maker of Ye Olde Bigwig Films.