Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Eat ya heart out, sucka

Talked to Kane about his role in Shocker, and what the hell happened with the film. Here's the highlights:

- First off, he was shocked that their are people that still watch Shocker.

- He told me that he beat INXS asphyxiater Michael Hutchinson for the role of the construction worker, landing the part after a single audition. Which then irked the rest of the cast members who had auditioned for months to get their roles.

- They had a tarp set up during the scene where he tosses the heart necklace into the lake, so they wouldn't lose it in the water. He said without fail, he sent that necklace soaring over the tarp take after take; no matter how many times they adjusted it. The problem with this was not so much finding the necklace, but that a crew member would have to dive into the freezing cold lake at 5 A.M.

- He was originally supposed to rough up Peter Berg in their scene together, but after Berg arrived on the set, and got a look at him, he told Craven "No way".

- On if the movie was intended to be a comedy he said : "Actually, Wes was completely serious. He's an incredibly intelligent guy, but also kind of a hippy. So he had this idea that Shocker would be a horror film that people could watch while on drugs, and get freaked out. All the producers and executives were really excited, thinking they had something huge; then we went to the premier, and by time it got to the scene with Beaver everyone was like: "What the fuck is this?!?"

- He says that he felt "So fucking stupid" during the scene where he's staring under the bleachers.

- Without me even asking, he re-created his run, and said "How do ya like this body, Jonathan?"

On a side note, Kane will probably pick me up, and snap my spine in two if he finds out I posted that pic of him.

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