Friday, May 18, 2007

Warning: May Cause Wet Panties

Though most of my old Animerica writings were lost back in the great computer crash of 2006, I just managed to unearth this early unpublished "gem". It's kinda shitty, but I still dig it, and thought you might too.


If you don't have a dick and balls dangling between your thighs, then stop reading now. Why? Because we're talking about the manga of Buichi Terasawa here. An illustrated entrance into the world of men. This ain't Naruto ladies, it's pure steel and sex appeal. Our main man Buichi has made a hell of a career creating testosterone drenched tales such as Space Adventure Cobra and Goku: Midnight Eye. All of which seem like crazed remainings of Edgar Rice Burroughs’s John Carter novels by a guy who deemed them too "faggy". Hell, he even contributed to the bloody live-action T&A ninja-fest Kunoichi: Lady Ninja (on DVD from TokyoShock).

"Now let us travel back in time when the everlasting battle between two men begins..."

Ditching the neon-lit future of some of his other works, with Kabuto, Terasawa throws his manly men and curvy women into Japan's Tensho era (1573-1593). It's here that our macho hero Kabuto does battle with the hellish Kuroyasha Douki, who his ancestors sent back to hell long ago. Douki is pissed about being locked up for so long, so before he takes over the world he's looking to wipe out the offspring of those who put him away. To put an end to the hell boy's plans Kabuto enlists the help of a cursed sword known as the "Evil Sword, Flying Dragon" and the might "Four Gods". Which include a hot blond in fish nets, a kid ninja armed with a deadly Dreidel, a Tengu in the flesh, and a wolverine look-a-like who can snap swords in half with his teeth

Although he may cite Akira Kurosawa as an influence, Kabuto is 100% pure pulp (if you couldn't tell already) More The Mucker than The Seven Samurai. It's like the art of Frank Frazzetia put into manga motion, but from the mind of a guy who looks like he's snorted coke out of a whore's ass crack. Memories of Barbarella, Bond, and samurai swords flow out onto the page with a complete disregard for logic. Gadgets that even Q couldn't cook up are wielded by Spaghetti Western heroes in a feudal setting where a Royo babe is never too far from arm's reach. Full metal ninja demons, UFOs, disembodied heads with legs, and raging hell spawn burn across the page at a relentless pace; this shit is hot, red hot. Midway through I reached down for a ball scratch to discover a mound of freshly grown pubes and an extra testicle! So if you think you're tough enough, then give it a shot. If not then stick to your pussy stuff, and leave Buichi to the real men.

Wes Black

4 stars

ComicsOne - $11.95 - 320 pages - NA
Copyright Buichi Terasawa
"One more ball to scratch, and a few less brain cells left to kill"

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