Sunday, July 15, 2007

Saru Hunter

Today was all about Nakano Broadway aka the big, savage nerd mall. Mandarake is all over the joint, and provided me with with: the Go Nagai H Manga Collection, Gataro Man manga, Hungry Man, and the long sought after Saru Hunter; a manga about apes taking over Japan, raping the the women, and the man out to stop them.

Besides Mandarake was the great movie memorabilia shop Trio, where I found a borderline homosexual Jackie Chan photo book, some killer okonomiyaki, and a plethora of other otaku related shops for all your famicon, replica rifle, and cosplay needs.

After that was a brief rest, then, still a tad jet-lagged, we headed to Tokyo Midtown and nabbed some grub before walking Roppongi and checking out the Nigerians offering "big tits man, you can feel them!".

Tomorrow will be either Akihibara or Shinjuku.

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