Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Showa Croquette Returns

Too wiped to write much, but the past two days have featured: A disappointing trip to Video Market in Shinjuku, where I found that I already owned nearly everything there, a more fun than I thought it would be trip to Harajuku where I raided Kiddy Land, ate crepes, and nabbed a wide of Koike's Dummy Oscar and another Go Nagai H Manga Collection from Book Off. Also I must say, forget the Harajuku girls, it's all about the Harajuku Nigerians, you got that wicked style, I like the way that you are, I am your biggest fan.

Today was Daiba by day, and Akiba by night. Had a blast at the high-tech Sega Joypolis, and an even bigger one at the Nostalgia Mall at Decks. After dinner at Gonpachi we headed to Donki in Akiba, and raided it's five floors of madness before hitting the subway, where we were momentarilly stuck without power mid-tunnel in a packed car.

Tomorrow: Tokyo Disney, and maybe Tokyo Tower.


Joseph Luster said...

Oh my, look at my little man all aglow in "dai japan!" (Joseph taught me dat one, I is on him's computer right now) - Dickhead (pronounced Dah-keed, you lil' asshims out there)

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