Friday, July 13, 2007

Tokyo Schmoe

9:08 PM Tokyo time. I've been going since 9 AM Los Angeles time, no sleep. Been far too wired for a nap. Saw Rutger Hauer at the airport terminal before I left Cali, which I think means I'll have a good trip, but in exchange be doomed to writing straight-to-video movies.

For the 11 hour flight I had Richard Matheson, Warren Ellis, and Bernie Wrightson to keep me company. Them, and some fabulous airlines scrambled eggs and sausage.

Took the friendly neighborhood limousine bus (aka a bus) to Tokyo land from the far off land of Chiba, which was far from Sonny. Now I'm sitting in my hotel room, ready to pass out, while Tokyo Tower's wax museum beckons to me from across the street.

Photos and more tomorrow.

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Joseph Luster said...

Rutger Hauer is dooming us both simultaneously!