Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sweet Home

My body arrived back in Los Angeles early this week from Tokyo, but my brain is still floating somewhere over the Pacific, reeling from the effects of airplane fart-repellent-air and a microwaved dish of scrambled eggs. A typical day since coming home includes waking at 6 A.M, stumbling around, then passing out mid-afternoon, only to wake up at night in a pitch black room, confused and thinking I'd been riding the Ginza line. Oh, and eating left-over birffday cake for breakfast, which is only slightly less ghetto than smoking a vile of crack for breakfast. Now I'm going to watch The Entity, and then hopefully fall asleep at a decent hour.

The remainder of the Tokyo pics and tales coming soon.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Showa Croquette Returns

Too wiped to write much, but the past two days have featured: A disappointing trip to Video Market in Shinjuku, where I found that I already owned nearly everything there, a more fun than I thought it would be trip to Harajuku where I raided Kiddy Land, ate crepes, and nabbed a wide of Koike's Dummy Oscar and another Go Nagai H Manga Collection from Book Off. Also I must say, forget the Harajuku girls, it's all about the Harajuku Nigerians, you got that wicked style, I like the way that you are, I am your biggest fan.

Today was Daiba by day, and Akiba by night. Had a blast at the high-tech Sega Joypolis, and an even bigger one at the Nostalgia Mall at Decks. After dinner at Gonpachi we headed to Donki in Akiba, and raided it's five floors of madness before hitting the subway, where we were momentarilly stuck without power mid-tunnel in a packed car.

Tomorrow: Tokyo Disney, and maybe Tokyo Tower.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Natural Disaster Week in Tokyo

Today was a trip to the electric town, Akihabara, and I must say, I could never bring myself to travel elsewhere for my cheapo USB card and nazi big-tits splooge dojinshi soft needs. Seriously, the place is rad and has officially been taken over by the otaku elite, who apparently have found a away to stop cars from entering the surrounding streets.

I hit every floor of the super-smelly Tora no Anna, saw some busted-looking maids, nabbed some hotly priced, by Tokyo standards, DVDs from Liberty 1, dazzled the locals with my UFO catcher and shooting game skills, turned into a degenerate for about 30 minutes at a pachinko and slot joint, and then spotted some cat-ear-wearing otaku from the USA who seemed a little more than shocked and disturbed that their Eastern counterparts are less about anime and manga than they are discount computer gear and taking candid photos of underage girls.

After that we hit Ginza, where we were priced out, and under dressed for just about everything, grabbed some Korean food, then hit the hotel room for K-1 Heroes.

Tomorrow, pics, video, and possibly a trip to Shinjuku.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Saru Hunter

Today was all about Nakano Broadway aka the big, savage nerd mall. Mandarake is all over the joint, and provided me with with: the Go Nagai H Manga Collection, Gataro Man manga, Hungry Man, and the long sought after Saru Hunter; a manga about apes taking over Japan, raping the the women, and the man out to stop them.

Besides Mandarake was the great movie memorabilia shop Trio, where I found a borderline homosexual Jackie Chan photo book, some killer okonomiyaki, and a plethora of other otaku related shops for all your famicon, replica rifle, and cosplay needs.

After that was a brief rest, then, still a tad jet-lagged, we headed to Tokyo Midtown and nabbed some grub before walking Roppongi and checking out the Nigerians offering "big tits man, you can feel them!".

Tomorrow will be either Akihibara or Shinjuku.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Tokyo Schmoe

9:08 PM Tokyo time. I've been going since 9 AM Los Angeles time, no sleep. Been far too wired for a nap. Saw Rutger Hauer at the airport terminal before I left Cali, which I think means I'll have a good trip, but in exchange be doomed to writing straight-to-video movies.

For the 11 hour flight I had Richard Matheson, Warren Ellis, and Bernie Wrightson to keep me company. Them, and some fabulous airlines scrambled eggs and sausage.

Took the friendly neighborhood limousine bus (aka a bus) to Tokyo land from the far off land of Chiba, which was far from Sonny. Now I'm sitting in my hotel room, ready to pass out, while Tokyo Tower's wax museum beckons to me from across the street.

Photos and more tomorrow.